Ellucian Colleague Finance

Smarter insights, better decisions

Manage your institution's finances with improved reporting, activated data, and automated processes.

Ellucian Colleague Finance
Financial management
Keep operations running smoothly with administrative support and payment processes made to address higher education’s unique challenges.
Real-time data
Garner quick views of spend analysis through an intuitive, visually appealing dashboard.
Efficient procurement processing
Streamline procurement and consolidate reporting while gaining visibility into trends to plan for future success.


Control your finances. Provide administrative support and track the flow of resources throughout the institution.

Ready for anything. Gain insights to improve financial reporting and automate processes with timely, reliable data.

Simplify invoicing, billing, and payment. Streamline processes across campus to create efficiencies and decrease costs.

Monitor comprehensive dashboards. Empower your staff with the right information to manage budgets and plans.

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