Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNet

Manage the complexities and volume of payment transactions with a sophisticated and secure solution.

Automate payment transactions

Save money

Cut costs and work smarter with a comprehensive payment solution.

Manage payments

Offer synchronized and secure payment processing campus-wide, from one system. 

Enhance services

Deliver self-service, mobile, and designated user capabilities through an affordable, easy-to-use system

Maintain compliance

Rest assured your data is accurate, secure, and up to date at all times.


Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNet consolidates multiple payment silos into a single, unified system.

TouchNet payment center functionality

Ensures your payment system grows along with your needs. 

  • Covers a range of payment options, from credit and debit cards to electronic checks, funds transfers, and international wires 
  • Presents real-time student account information and communications, subject to authorized user access
PCI Compliance

Meets high industry standards for security. 

  • Protects your sensitive cardholder data against threats 
  • Contains all payment functionality in a single, PA-DSS compliant application that reduces the number of systems to one  
TouchNet payment center management

Stay in control with dashboards available ‘out-of-the-box’. 

  • See what payments happen when and where, across the entire institution 
  • Cut costs, simplify processes, and reduce resource demands  
  • Use the visibility to improve decision-making 
TouchNet payment center permissions

Allows critical functions to take place securely. 

  • Make PCI- and FERPA-compliant payments on behalf of students with Parent Pay 
  • Use International Wire Payments to move money with a guaranteed conversion rate  
  • Select a date to make Scheduled Payments  
  • Simplify the payment process by selecting the Line Item Payments option 
  • Store credit, debit, and bank account information safely with Stored Payment Profiles 
Integration with finance solutions

Drive operational efficiencies and full compliance with PCI standards. 

  • Integrated into all core Ellucian administrative systems 
  • Posts payments to your campus business systems in real time 
  • Hosted in a Payment Card Industry (PCI) certified data center 
Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNet complete approach

Prior to Payment Center, we had printed and mailed over 35,000 1098 forms and after implementation, we only printed 11,000 with $10K in annual cost savings.

Ken Bush | Community College of Allegheny County

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