Ellucian International Student & Scholar Management

Improve your international student and scholar recruitment, enrollment, and records management.

Attract, recruit, and assist international students and scholars

Improve recruitment

Compete more effectively for international students and scholars. 

Handle complex regulations

Comply more efficiently with the rules governing international students and scholars.

Simplify work

Help your advisors, scholars, and students work more productively.

Go green

Create a leaner, greener campus and eliminate delays and paper-shuffling with forms that replace paper versions.


Ease international scholar credentialing, file updates, paperwork submission, and other administrative tasks for academic department staff, advisors, and students.

Compile important student, scholar, and employee records and forms into one database to manage visa profiles and work authorizations visa history.

Run industry-standard reports on all fields in the system with advanced reporting capabilities for academic level, country of citizenship, enrollment, and immigrations status.

Make all visa and general student and scholar changes in one place quickly without having to toggle between systems.

Query specific constituents and email specific groups with regional alerts and messages.

Copy information from SEVIS reportable student/scholar records and upload it to the SEVIS system in batches.

Wright State University

Ellucian International Student & Scholar Management helps us keep better track of what is happening with our international enrollment and programs. We can see how many students transferred and why; how many didn’t complete their programs and why.

Kimberly Brumbaugh, Director, Visa Information and Support/SEVIS Management | Wright State University

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