Ellucian Talent Management by NEOED

Recruit, develop, and retain higher education’s best faculty and staff.

Ellucian Talent Management Suite NEOED

Why Choose Ellucian Talent Management By NEOED?

Your hired talent is crucial to the successful of your institution. Attract your ideal candidates with confidence.

Recruit strategically

Advertise jobs smarter, attract the best candidates, and streamline onboarding.

Maximize learning

Nurture faculty and staff and position them for growth and career development.

Empower employees

Enable staff and faculty self-service with digitally routed forms, while integrating with countless background check, and assessment solutions.


Ellucian Talent Management Suite NEOED - Recruit

Simplify hiring by automating and centralizing the recruitment and onboarding process, with dynamic options to fit your search committee.

  • Highlight institutional culture and community with unique and customizable career site experiences, from staff to faculty to student employees
  • Leverage built in rating matrices for search committee review of candidates
  • Accelerate the onboarding process by providing new hires access to online forms before their start date
  • Schedule check-backs to drive engagement and concerns within the first 90-120 days to increase retention and simplify seasonal rehiring
Ellucian Talent Management Suite NEOED - Develop

Build a highly-skilled workforce with professional development tools, manage annual and 360 degree reviews, and create custom training programs.

  • Empower managers to track employee performance and provide continuous feedback
  • Set goals and KPIs for employees and create performance improvement plans
  • Generate reports and analytics to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Improve productivity and drive cost savings by automating enrollment in both online and classroom training
  • Choose from a library of over 1600 courses, from Title IX, FERPA, Sexual Harassment to education-specific learning, plus easily upload or build content from scratch
Ellucian Talent Management Suite NEOED - eForms

Store and centralize personnel files that span an employee’s entire work history and allow for the creation of electronic forms that can be signed, routed, and processed online.

  • Modernize processes by eliminating paper and spreadsheets.
  • Manage all employee documents digitally, protecting sensitive HR data via user roles and permissions.
  • Simplify and address various contract type needs
  • Speeds time to value by pulling forms from community bank
  • Reduce time and frustration by eliminating cumbersome form-related processes
Ellucian Talent Management

Besides making everything a lot easier, what I value most is that NEOED listens to the users and implements our ideas.

Janet Fager, Kankakee Community College

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