Ellucian Housing Powered by Adirondack

Ellucian Housing Powered by Adirondack

Manage and configure student housing with a customizable, user-friendly solution.

Why Ellucian Housing

One Multipurpose Solution

Plan, monitor, and track all your student housing needs in one mobile-friendly application.

Automated Workflow

Auto-assign any number of students within minutes.

Student-Centered Capabilities

Put the power of housing selection into your students’ hands.

Integrated Functionality

Become more efficient by integrating Ellucian Housing with other 3rd party applications.


Ellucian Housing powered by Adirondack is an intuitive, mobile-first solution designed as a one-stop-shop for all aspects of your student housing tasks.

Intuitive design and student-centered capabilities
  • Take your student housing tools with you anywhere, on or off campus.
  • Enable new and returning students to submit their housing preferences electronically.
  • Provide access to campus colleagues using role-based permissions.
Data-driven functionality

Leverage specific insights about your students, assignments, and facilities.

  • Visualize all your student housing data in one digital application.
  • Track your assignments, waiting lists, and urgent changes in real-time.
  • Tie date-based log entries to mail-merge letters and emails.
Built for scalability and long-term growth

Reconfigure your solution to align with any changes that occur within your institution.

  • Mass edit student information and assignments.
  • Track room conditions and maintenance problems.
  • Save records from one year to another in a historical file.
Billing and financial automation

Coordinate all billing and monetary tasks that coincide with housing.

  • Export billing charges/credits to your campus-wide financial system.
  • Mass edit student billing information without altering assignments.
  • Manage payment plans, bill for utilities, and notify students about facility damages.
Ellucian integration

Maintain consistency and data integrity among connected Ellucian platforms.

  • Integrate your student housing tasks alongside all core Ellucian systems.
  • Keep your application up to date using built-in maintenance management features.

Backed by Adirondack Solutions

The worldwide leader in innovative digital student services applications

Years of experience

Adirondack has been providing its housing solution to the higher education marketplace since 1998.


Countless students have selected or received their housing assignment via Adirondack software.

Major partnership

Adirondack has one priority partner as it relates to the world of ERPs—Ellucian.

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