University of California, Riverside

Liberating data for informed decision making


Integrating systems across campus to create more efficient dashboards

  • Combined data from disparate departmental systems into a single system
  • Admissions staff and advisors have the data they need for informed decision making
  • Ability to use predictive analytics to provide more proactive student interventions

University of California, Riverside integrates systems with Ellucian Banner to improve interventions

Danna Gianforte, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer, University of California, Riverside

UCR is really focused on more enterprise integrated systems now. Liberating the data is what some of us are calling it. Integrating our systems a little bit more, from a lot of homegrown systems to more vendor-based SaaS solutions. Making the data available to advisors and admissions staff so they can make better informed admissions decisions, and then advising students along the way.

We have had, historically, data in a bunch of disconnected, disparate systems. Every one of those solutions had its own individual reporting solution. So, folks on campus would have to go to 10 different places to pull 10 different data sets. And really focusing on bringing those in to a single solution that will pull data from many different places is one of our goals.

To get everybody on board with that, we really had to show them what the world looked like today. We brought in diagrams of, look at what you have to do. Look at the 10 different places you have to go. We'd really like for you just to have to go to one place, and to get all of this data in this one nice dashboard. And, you know, they're so busy in their day-to-day that they, it's just how they do things. And seeing that there would be a more efficient way to do something, they were really keen on that.

We are starting to see some of those results. We're bringing in some of our Banner student information, our LMS data, some of the data from our other student engagement solutions, into a single platform for predictive analytics, and being able to make some proactive realizations about student behavior and helping them along the way with more focused intervention.

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