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Online reporting and registration save staff and students time


Improve efficiency by streamlining enrolment and reporting

  • Established a stronger online presence
  • Reduced IT burden with a stable, 24/7 system and managed upgrades
  • Delivering a modern experience that meets students’ expectations

An integrated solution improves efficiency at Tulsa Technology Center

Jason Durham, director information technology at Tulsa Technology Center:

We went live on, ah, the afternoon of November 30th. Our first online enrolment occurred at 4:55 a.m., when nobody was at the office. That would have never happened before.

Elevate exposes our catalogue online, and then they're able to search. We've got all the courses broken out into categories. It actually mimics our printed catalogue, so the various categories and subcategories that we have referencing our printed catalogue—the online website matches that exactly. We were really particular about the colours, so each section of the catalog is colourized, and then the website matches those same colors. And then there's a really nice search engine that we applied to the catalogue page so they can find exactly what they want.

The integration between Colleague and Elevate was our number-one priority. That's why we selected Elevate as the product: because it integrated into Colleague. We're almost a 30-year client with Colleague, and so we've developed all of our processes in Colleague already, and so we needed a product that we could still leverage all those custom reports. We do all of our state reporting out of Colleague, and so we needed to find a product that would integrate with Colleague, so we wouldn't have to start over from scratch on all of those processes.

I've already heard from my leadership team that they're thrilled with the Elevate product, and they're happy that we did it, and we should have done it a lot sooner.

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