Southern New Hampshire University

Universal data model streamlines move to cloud


Integrate systems while protecting sensitive data

  • Publish and subscribe model for real time data
  • Controlled access to information
  • Streamlined cloud migration

Southern New Hampshire University invests in Ellucian Ethos to drive innovation

Toby Carroll, Director of Development and Integrations, Southern New Hampshire University

If your mission is to be innovative and move into a cloud atmosphere of technology, you have a really nice available product from Ellucian called Ethos that gets you that really first big boost into being able to make your presence in the cloud environment work.

And that's really what it is. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. You can start with Ethos. You can have the data model, the publish and subscribe, and the request response resources right in one package that's available for that university or for that school wanting to move into that space.

Ethos includes field level security which protects sensitive data through controlled access

We brought on a new security team and had a pretty thorough conversation with Ellucian about how Ethos worked and how their data was being protected. And at the end of the day, the assessment came back as pretty low risk in that we're being well taken care of.

And they looked at everything. They looked at how it was running through their cloud environment, how that PII data is moving through the Ethos system, and how those APIs are being exposed.

And one of the big benefits that they saw is we do have to push personal data through Ethos, but we have something called field level security. So any user that's coming in asking Ethos for something or sending out, we can say “no,” you're not going to send your social security number or birth date.

And so we can really have that control, that micro control over who gets what data at what time. Ethos is on AWS. That was a big seller as well.

Innovating together for the future

We've innovated together. So not only did we find problems here and there, we also found opportunities to move forward. And I think it's been a really great partnership.

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