Ellucian Advancement Data Visualization by ADVIZOR

How can you better harness the rich data available in your advancement database to help everyone in your advancement office work smarter, faster, and more creatively?

Ellucian has partnered with ADVIZOR Solutions, Inc., provider of data visualization and business analysis management tools, to put the power of data into the hands of your development directors, prospect researchers, prospect managers, and annual giving staff with Ellucian Advancement Data Visualization by ADVIZOR®.

Now your staff can immediately discover the data that’s important to them, manipulate it directly through a web-based interface, and take action more quickly to have a strategic impact on goals and priorities. Used alone, it can help you improve the effectiveness, productivity, and the success of everyone on your advancement team. Used in conjunction with your advancement database or data warehouse, it can help you gain visibility and insight about what you can do to improve the performance of your advancement programs.

Ellucian Advancement Data Visualization by ADVIZOR can help you:

  • Understand data and answer key questions quickly and easily
  • Analyze large data sets without multiple queries 
  • Create a highly interactive, self-service environment for predictive analytics
  • Improve collaboration, problem solving, and the way you do business
  • Implement quickly, with or without a data warehouse
  • Minimize IT requests