Unlocking the Power of ScholarshipUniverse at OSU

Unlocking the Power of ScholarshipUniverse at OSU

Oregon State University (OSU) has successfully transformed its scholarship environment into a culture of collaboration and community by leveraging the power of ScholarshipUniverse. At Ellucian Live 2023, Colleen Conniff, the Director of Scholarships at OSU, shared how they implemented ScholarshipUniverse to support student success and improve fund utilization.

Oregon State University: Empowering Students and Advancing Research

Oregon State University is a public, land-grant research university located in Corvallis, Oregon. As the largest university in Oregon, OSU serves more than 35,000 students and is renowned for its academic excellence.

Building A Scholarship Community

OSU's decentralized scholarship processes results in student disengagement and underutilization of scholarship funds. Students became frustrated and confused about the scholarship application process, leading to a drop in scholarship application submissions.

To address the challenges they faced, OSU took a bold step towards building a collaborative scholarship community. They established the ScholarDollars Implementation Workgroup, a dynamic team of university partners tasked with designing and refining a brand-new scholarship management system. Meeting diligently every other week, they worked to create consistent policies and streamlined processes.

Additionally, they also formed the ScholarDollars Users Group and the OSU Scholarship Coalition, fostering a platform for specialized training sessions, shared policies, and best practice communication across the entire university.

Internal Scholarship Audit

Recognizing the need for improvement, the OSU Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance conducted an internal review of the scholarship processes. The insightful recommendations included implementing consistent policies, enhancing information available to coordinators, and centralizing oversight and monitoring. These crucial insights laid the groundwork for OSU's advancement.

Collaborating to Improve Processes

The spirit of collaboration propelled OSU forward, as they engaged with IT professionals to develop system integrations, further illuminating the intricacies of their scholarship processes and inspiring system enhancements. Scholarship administrators, academic personnel, and the OSU Foundation joined forces, eradicated unnecessary criteria, streamlined applications, and revolutionized student communication. The results were astounding: increased scholarship fund utilization and an unparalleled student experience.

ScholarshipUniverse: Transforming Student Experience and Collaboration

ScholarshipUniverse, has remarkably improved the student experience at OSU and fostered collaboration among scholarship administrators, leading to impressive outcomes.

Simplified Application Process and Increased Chances of Financial Aid

ScholarshipUniverse simplifies the application process by eliminating the need for students to submit multiple applications for different scholarships. Instead, they can complete a single application that matches them with all eligible scholarships. This optimized approach allows students to maximize their chances of receiving financial aid.

Personalized Recommendations for Higher Success Rates

ScholarshipUniverse provides personalized scholarship recommendations based on students' profiles, academic achievements, and demographic information. These tailored selections ensure that students are matched with scholarships that align with their qualifications and interests, significantly boosting their likelihood of success.

Proactive Communication and Transparency

ScholarshipUniverse enhances communication between the OSU Scholarship Office and students through automated reminders and notifications. Students receive updates on upcoming deadlines, missing documents, and award decisions. Proactive communication keeps students informed throughout the scholarship process while reducing confusion and increasing transparency.

Streamlined Collaboration and Resource Utilization

ScholarshipUniverse serves as a central repository of scholarship information, enabling administrators from different colleges, departments, and programs to access and review applications efficiently. This coordinated accessibility creates an equitable distribution of scholarship funds and better resource utilization across the university.

Insights-Driven Decision-Making and Equity Addressing

ScholarshipUniverse offers powerful reporting and data analytics capabilities. Administrators can generate reports on fund utilization, applicant demographics, and other key metrics. The OSU Scholarship Office utilizes these data-driven insights to identify trends, address equity gaps, and make informed improvements to its scholarship programs.

Looking Ahead

OSU's skillful implementation of ScholarshipUniverse represents the power of innovative community-building in scholarship management. As the university continues refining its processes, the impact of ScholarshipUniverse is expected to grow. OSU remains committed to leveraging technology and partnerships to expand access to scholarships, diversify funding sources, and support a broader range of student populations. By embracing a culture of collaboration and continuously seeking opportunities for improvement, OSU is shaping a future where scholarships are accessible, equitable, and transformative for all students.

To learn more about Oregon State University’s implementation of ScholarshipUniverse, watch this on-demand webinar.

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