Get SaaS Ready: Your Journey Starts Now

Get SaaS Ready: Your Journey Starts Now


The most important part of any journey is the first step. The second is ensuring you're equipped to complete the journey with the right resources and team.

In our final session, we reveal the key tools to help transform your current ecosystem for maximized future innovation. Watch to learn more about the resources and information available for you today to get SaaS ready.

In this webinar, you'll discover how to:

  • Take concrete steps toward SaaS, starting with a business capability maturity self-assessment
  • Schedule a Strategic Outcome Alignment workshop to define your institutional objectives
  • Discover template best practices, learn about SaaS journey mapping, and how to undergo a change assessment
  • Quantify the ROI for your institution of a move to SaaS

Featured Speakers

Mike Weiss | Director of Professional Services, Ellucian
Stormie Wells | Director of Business Strategy and Operation, Ellucian