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What do students discuss with their advisors?

Hear three students speak candidly about how many times they spoke with an advisor in the past year, what they talked about, and what help the wished they received.

The cost of changing majors

A student shares how changing his major impacted his course work, graduation date, and tuition cost.

How automation can create campus-wide efficiences

Hear Peter Jones, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, California Institute of Integral Studies, explain why they invested in an integrated system. By automating its workflow processes, the new solution will save the institution time and money.

University empowers students through self-service

Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles implemented Ellucian Colleague Student Planning to enhance the advising experience and streamline the registration process for students. Watch as Senior Director Shannon Shank shares how the solution is helping students plan and register for courses, and which features students are excited about.

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