Ellucian Analytics

Integration & Analytics

Aligns students, advisors, and institutions to a common goal—on-time graduation.

Integrated campus philosophy

We believe that when we break the cycle of siloed data, thinking, and ownership, we open the true capability to create a unified and connected campus. When a connected campus exists, faculty and administrators are empowered to create programs that drive student success.

Ellucian Ethos

Create a connected campus

Connect people, processes, and applications across the institution with the higher education platform.

Ellucian Analytics

Big insights from big data

Transform data into actionable insights that drive student success, institutional growth, and operational efficiency.

Ellucian Workflow

Coordinate business processes

Optimize efficiencies and automate tasks across the institution with a cloud-based business process solution built for higher education.

Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform

Improve experiences for your constituents

Manage online and hybrid courses from a single platform and transform your learning management system (LMS).

Ellucian Mobile

Unified app supporting functions across departments

Share key information managed from a single source and help campus constituents stay informed from anywhere at any time.

Ellucian Experience

Provide the personalized content constituents need to be more productive

All from a single modern interface, at home or on the go.

Improve your operations—and performance

Ellucian Ethos Data Model

Unifies data across Ellucian, partner, and institution applications with the higher ed data model.

Integrations & API

Joins applications with standard integrations and APIs designed to speed up the implementation process.

Ellucian Ethos Data Access

Combines the rationalization that happens in the Ellucian Ethos Data Model with Ethos Integration to make data accessible for analysis.

Why Ellucian

Unify data

Higher ed specific data models

Partner community

Partners around the globe building integrations

APIs in action
90+ million

API calls made a month by our customers

Screenshot Dr Jihad Mohaidat - Higher Colleges of Technology

The data model within Ethos is designed for higher education...Now, integration with the Ethos platform is a key requirement for every system we purchase.

Dr. Jihad Mohaidat, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Technology | Higher Colleges of Technology