An easy-to-use expense management system
Oral Roberts University

An easy-to-use expense management system


Process 2,500 expense reports annually more efficiently

  • Mobile features offer convenient access
  • Staff able to learn the system quickly
  • Used to check budgets and enforce travel rules

Oral Roberts University invests in Ellucian Travel and Expense Management powered by Chrome River to meet business needs

Larry Moss, Senior Programmer Analyst, Oral Roberts University

We process approximately 2,500 expense reports per year. That comes out to about $1.4 million in spend. There's about 370 people that use the system. 

What matters most to Oral Roberts University in a travel and expense management system?

It was very, very important that we got a system that was up-to-date, a system that was more this century, mobile-friendly—be able to use it on the phone, on the iPad, or whatever you are using—user friendly, and able to learn the system very easily and quickly was very, very important.

Integration with, of course, the Banner system was very high on the list. And enforcement of our rules, our travel rules and policies. You're going with a system that is an Ellucian partner, so you assume that it's going to integrate well with Banner, but that was a high priority. 

We chose Ellucian Travel and Expense Management powered by Chrome River. It was hands-down the best choice. And the fact that they were going to be implementing the Ethos interface with their system was huge to us because we needed some things—real-time interaction between the travel system and the Banner system. So, we needed that Ethos integration, and that was huge. Budgets—it's a huge deal at our institution. So, checking budgets is just a really huge deal. 

How does the staff like the new system?

Well, they really like the system. It's fun for them to use. And the fact that they can use it anywhere is huge. They were able to latch onto it and start using it without much training. 

I would recommend Travel and Expense Management. I really would. 

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