Creating campuswide efficiencies

How Barstow Community College reconfigured their LMS to streamline workflows and prepare for future enhancements 

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  • Integrated Ellucian Banner, Ellucian ILP, Canvas, and Postman
  • Enhanced student registration, grading, and online workflows
  • Alleviated administrative inefficiencies and bottlenecks


After discovering numerous inefficiencies within their learning management system (LMS) environment, Barstow Community College took aim at integrating several applications to design a better digital experience for students, faculty, and administrators.

With Ellucian Banner already established, BCC began the process of creating a central architecture leveraging Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform (ILP) for Canvas—a third-party LMS that offers a full suite of tools and capabilities for education institutions.


Identifying bottlenecks and pain points

Addressing delays in workflows, operations, and data collection was Barstow’s top priority. With 10+ comma separated values files (CSVs) being populated in Canvas via PowerShell, large amounts of data had to manually be supervised. This lengthy process stalled student registration, grading, and communication between departments.

“We were having our instructors do the grading within Canvas, and then they would have to take all of those grades within Canvas, go to Banner, and then copy those grades over. This caused a lot of issues,” says Felicia Martinez, data analyst II at Barstow.

Discovering ways to innovate and simplify

Once problems and challenges were identified, BCC turned to Ellucian Ethos as a means of connecting the institution’s people, processes, and applications. Being a small school, BCC had to ensure that the integration was cost effective, manageable, and future-proof. Ellucian team members worked alongside BCC to streamline the process and ensure success.

“I thought it [integration] was going to be a bear because we are a very small school and we don't have a lot of outside resources, but it was quite painless. It was very quick. We have an outside database administrator that worked with one of the guys at Ellucian, and they were able to install it with no hiccups,” says Martinez.

Anticipating future advancements

Creating a digital framework that enables future deployments and integrations gives institutions the ability to hand select tools that fit their overall strategy. BCC’s Director of IT, Bryce Prutsos, plans to leverage the power of Ellucian Ethos for far more than simply backend efficiencies.

“With Ethos, it'll allow us to have smoother and faster integrations from such third-party applications, such as Dynamic Forms and other Ellucian products. Currently, we are implementing Ellucian Mobile and Ellucian Analytics. We will be able to allow students to actually manage their accounts from their mobile devices. Ellucian Ethos integrations will help us make sure that technology is another tool for the student instead of another educational barrier,” says Prutsos.

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Bryce Prutsos
Director of IT
Barstow Community College

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