University of California, Riverside

Facilitating student advising from one central place


Provide students and advisors with centralized access to student advising resources

  • Customizable course catalog helps students search for classes
  • Shopping cart model lets students preview course selections
  • Advisors get insight into student progress and plans

University of California, Riverside improves interventions using Ellucian Banner Student Self-Service

Kari Geske, Associate Registrar, University of California, Riverside

University of California, Riverside uses Banner to produce and provide our student body with a modern and intuitive, user-friendly interface. We implemented the Banner Advising profile and the Student profile for our students and our advisors to utilize. Our advisors use that as the launch point for their work. They open it, and they go from there to see the students' degree audit, their unofficial transcript, review their class schedule, as well as their units and their grades.

They love that it has everything in one place for them to utilize all the critical pieces of information and resources.

Our advisors use Banner Student Self-Service for the term plan functionality. They like that students can go in, browse the schedule of classes, and choose sections before their time comes to enroll. They also like that there's an approve functionality to it so that they can ensure that they have looked at the student's plan. And it'll move them along in their program appropriately.

Students enjoy having an online searchable course catalog. They also like the schedule of classes. And the institution can customize which search fields the students can utilize and also, what they're called. You can also have the ability to change the search fields that students can utilize.

Students enjoy the shopping cart model in the Banner 9 Registration Student Self-Service page. They can put classes into their shopping cart, so to speak, and check out with them. And sometimes error messages will preview so that they can know ahead of time whether their selection is going to work or not. I think that they enjoy the colorful block calendar that comes up, the ability to search by different qualities.

And so when it's time for the student to enroll, they can just take the sections that they've previously determined, sometimes with their advisor and getting their advisor to approve them, and put those in their registration shopping cart and check out.

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