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Cuyahoga Community College

Faster application processing and better student service.


Improve outdated application-processing methods 

  • Faster processing of online applications
  • More efficient acceptance letter generation
  • Seamless integration with existing systems

Cuyahoga Community College processes online applications faster. 

With enrollment upwards of 55,000, and with time a precious commodity for students and staff alike, Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) was eager for a way to reduce processing times for the thousands of online applications it receives throughout the year. 

In Tri-C’s case, reducing processing times would mean replacing outdated application-processing methods, streamlining workflows, and meeting student expectations for application and enrollment service. 

To pull it off, Tri-C made the choice to upgrade its existing recruitment tool, Ellucian CRM Recruit, to the later version, which offered a number of updates benefiting Tri-C’s recruiting staff, its registrar’s office, and, of course, its applicants. 

Features in the latest version made an instant impact on processes, “like the ability to generate decision letters,” says Bonnie Guyer, director of ERP management at Tri-C. “The recruiters like the decision letter from the web front end, and the ability to create financial aid funding letters. That was a big one.” 

The most significant benefit to Tri-C, however, has been the reduced time required to process an application.  

“The turnaround time was generally five to seven business days,” said Guyer. “Now we turn decisions around in one to two days.” 

The turnaround time that we’re able to provide is the big win.

Bonnie Guyer, Director of ERP Management, Cuyahoga Community College