University of Denver

Implementing the right technology to meet campaign goals

The University of Denver empowers leadership and advancement staff with Ellucian CRM Advance.

University of Denver -  Implementing the right technology to meet campaign goals


Meeting statewide goals required a systemwide solution.


  • Simplified workforce training processes across 24 institutions and 130 locations
  • Built a more effective workforce pipeline using insights from statewide reporting
  • Improved course registration, payment, and other student services


In this coming campaign, not only do we have an audacious goal, but we also know that we need to better engage the majority of our constituency. So we're ratcheting up our fundraising efforts, making sure that we have captured sufficient data that we can truly have a holistic impression of our constituency.

That's always a challenge when you have a large institution with lots of disparate systems. And then getting technology to really maximize our ability to look at someone and their entire relationship with the university.

So our whole philosophy is to make sure that we have the tools and the data that helps us leverage not just the technology to have those relationships, but also to gather this information back from our students that will really benefit us in the long run.

We wanted to enable our prospect development staff to be able to be mobile to have the information they need at their fingertips while they're on the road. We knew we wanted a comprehensive CRM solution. And probably the most critical components that guided us to CRM Advance were the integration possibilities, the mobile app, and that this was with a vendor that we had great confidence with and a relationship with.

One of the things we really value about CRM Advance is there's a lot we can do ourselves in order to extend its usefulness. We are able to deploy dashboards and views within the software solution and really be able to give leadership current, real-time data and different pictures of that data so they really have a good understanding of our progress toward our various goals.

Cathey Barbee
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Advancement Services
University of Denver
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