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Mobile one-stop shop transforms the student experience


Integrate data and provide an improved student experience

  • Reduced response time to resolve issues
  • Increased student engagement and participation
  • Improved access to data through integration and mobile solutions

Maryville University relies on technology and innovative thinking to serve students—wherever they are

Because Maryville University’s growing population of students have come of age during the digital era, the institution realized that today’s students expect information to be readily available and easily accessible. That’s why the university created a one-stop, centralized location for students to access information and seek assistance, whether it’s requesting a transcript, paying tuition, or simply asking a question. What’s more, the institution also utilizes a mobile “Solution Squad” armed with the latest tech tools to help students wherever they may be.

Average time from student request to resolution

Despite increasing enrollment numbers and higher demands for service, greater efficiency from the Solution Squad has significantly reduced the response time for resolving student issues, especially in the Division of Operational Excellence.

Suzanne Marshall-Caby, AVP of Operational Strategy, Service, and Standards at Maryville University

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