Shifting application processing online
St. Thomas University

Moving back-end systems online to support remote learning

CHALLENGE: Be more effective and efficient with resources

To improve operational efficiencies, St. Thomas University partnered with a managed services provider to employ a new CIO and help IT identify problems and find solutions. The partnership set them up for success when, during the COVID-19 pandemic, they moved their back-end systems completely online to support remote teaching and learning. IT was able to transition their learning management system and student information system online, expand bandwidth, configure wireless access, streamline integrations, and enhance the 24x7 call center in a single weekend.


Managed Services
Ellucian Colleague
CRM Recruit


  • Moved all courses and all staff to remote/online over a weekend
  • Provided IT support during transition to remote learning
  • Enhanced the 24/7 call center to support the move to a virtual campus 

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