Midlands Technical College

Reaching today’s students with mobile technology

Midlands Technical College developed a robust communication strategy with Ellucian CRM Recruit

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  • Timely communications help students through the enrollment process
  • All nudges and interactions in one place
  • Seamless integration between CRM and ERP systems


Our focus in admissions at Midlands Tech is mostly on reaching students that need additional training to get a career so that they can either get a new job or potentially get a promotion at their current job.

Mobile communication has been hugely helpful in our communication strategies. The more traditional students coming up right now, the current generation, are more focused on mobile communications, text messaging in particular, than in previous generations.

Ellucian CRM Recruit has absolutely helped us with having a more robust communication strategy. Having all of our communications and our nudges and our interactions with students all in one place on the student record has helped us with making sure that our communications are timely and accurate for the students to help them through the enrollment process.

When we were evaluating CRM systems, one of the things that stood out about Recruit was that since we were already an Ellucian Colleague® customer, we would have both our CRM and our ERP under the Ellucian umbrella. So that has helped us with integration between systems, and also, anytime there is an update in either system, making sure that both of those communicate well and information is passed between seamlessly.

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Bryan Peebles
Associate Director of Admissions and Testing
Midlands Technical College

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