University of the Incarnate Word

Segmenting and targeting communication led to application increases. 

University of the Incarnate Word

Year-over-year increase in total applications


Year-over-year increase in completed applications


Reduction in manual data input time


As recruitment has gotten increasingly competitive in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) has developed a targeted communication strategy to grow their application pool and meet the expectations of prospective students today.

Processing multiple application types across several professional schools, UIW consolidated a range of student data into one platform using CRM Recruit. Custom imports eliminated time-consuming manual data entry and enabled UIW to focus on innovative outreach efforts such as a contactless “Drive Thru Tour” for prospective students to safely explore the campus. Additionally, with the capacity to separate applicants into different constituencies, UIW could personalize and automate messages to each targeted group at every stage of the admissions funnel, ensuring that they never lose touch with their incoming class.

Using processing and communication tools from Ellucian Recruit, UIW was able to improve efficiencies and increase applications during the pandemic, while equipping themselves for continued innovation in the years to come.

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Julie Weber
Senior Director, Enrollment Services
University of the Incarnate Word
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