Campbell University
Campbell University

Simplifying the graduation application process


Streamline the graduation application process for students and staff

  • Improved the student experience
  • Gained efficiencies, saving staff time
  • Connected schools across campus through system integration

Campbell University saves students and staff time, improving their experience with system integration

At Campbell University, applying for graduation was a cumbersome process for both students and staff. To streamline the process, Campbell wanted to create a single application that could be customized for each of its 12 schools and pre-populated with information pertinent to the student and degree program.

However, like many small and mid-size institutions, Campbell University has limited IT resources. Their small staff relied on point-to-point integrations to connect their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with the third-party applications used by departments across campus. But those integrations were becoming unmanageable.

To improve their system integration, Campbell adopted Ellucian Ethos, a platform that connects people, processes, and technology across the institution. The platform’s APIs make campus data accessible, and their Ellucian Colleague® ERP delivers data changes that enable many systems to stay in sync.

This paved the way for IT to develop the new graduation application and bidirectionally integrate a third-party application. Now, when students access the graduation application, the system identifies their degree program and fills out the form with the latest, pertinent information, making the process easier for students.

Administrative staff also benefited from the streamlined graduation application process. What used to take the registrar several days during each graduation cycle now takes minutes. And the number of applications that have to be reprocessed per cycle is only a handful.

The registrar would spend days, maybe weeks, compiling spreadsheets, which now happens in less than a minute. The savings to the student has been immeasurable, too. The students are happier. The process to them is a lot less complicated.

Josh Tate, Programmer/Analyst, Campbell University

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