When advisors have better information
SUNY Oswego

When advisors have better information, more students succeed. 


Implement a tool for advisors to easily pull up well-integrated student information 

  • Advisors gain a fuller understanding of students 
  • Students can view alternative degree paths 
  • Student-advisor interactions are more effective

SUNY Oswego uses Ellucian Degree Works™ to help students graduate on time

Jerret LeMay, Registrar, SUNY Oswego 

The Advising Student Profile app has really helped our advisers, in that it provides a concise overview, a very contextualized overview of student information. Ellucian Banner® Advising Student Profile works great with Ellucian Degree Works. You can go directly to the student information off your advisee list and go directly into their Degree Works information.  
Now the added bonus is, because they're going through the Advising Student Profile, they're seeing some context along the way. So, things that they might not have noticed before, like did you know that you have a hold that's going to prevent registration? And that's really useful that it's there, and it's visible, and it's very visually oriented.  
The benefits from using Ellucian Degree Works have been phenomenal. I'm not sure I can recount them all here. Exceptions are clearly marked up, and visible, and result in a complete audit. They can do look-aheads, they can do what-ifs. Working with Degree Works, and working with student educational planners, you're able to map that out in a very literal sense and lay it out for the student in a very visually pleasing way, so that the student has a much better understanding of what their path is.  
So, I can see that students don't come to us as much as they used to with problems. They can come to us. We love seeing students, but we'd rather see them come to us with happy faces instead of problems. When it comes to the qualitative aspect of the impact of Degree Works, I think that's our favorite indicator right there. 

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