University of Idaho

Working together through a successful implementation


Collaborate to implement new solutions

  • Received feedback and guidance at every stage
  • Provided technical resources during implementation

Ellucian sets up the University of Idaho to win today and tomorrow

Jason Mayer, Director of Advancement Information Services, University of Idaho

The biggest priority in my department right now is communication and collaboration.

We had a successful implementation, and it really came down to the teamwork and effort of both Ellucian and the workers at the University of Idaho. We got constant feedback and guidance from Ellucian all the steps of the way and continued to even after our go live and stable state with CRM Advance. They've been instrumental and very helpful.

We've engaged with Ellucian Services to provide some additional technical resources. We just didn't have the time or the talent to go and hire and train someone up. And so, we reached out to Ellucian Professional Services, and they were able to provide help that we were desperately needing to fill to move forward.

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