Five strategies to prepare for a successful year-end giving season

Five strategies to prepare for a successful year-end giving season

Key takeaways

  • Share the impact of the gift and pay attention to loyal donors
  • Focus on the metrics that matter
  • Address pressing needs and prepare for societal change

Throughout 2020, we’ve seen inspiring examples of advancement teams overcoming extraordinary uncertainty in an effort to support students, engage alumni, and foster a culture of philanthropy. We have witnessed institutions evolve their strategies and focus on meaningful partnerships to persist through these challenging times.

As we approach the year-end giving season, how can institutions effectively engage donors, respond to community needs, and continue to endure through this age of physical distancing and societal change?

Read our five strategies to optimize your institution’s year-end fundraising efforts.

Donor Relations Guru Group

Donor Relations Guru

Lynne Wester and her teammates at the Donor Relations Guru Group lead with gratitude and partner with nonprofits on a variety of initiatives from assessment through implementation. Her work motivates and inspires countless fundraisers to do more for their donors to create amazing donor experiences. Visit to learn more.

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