Stop Patching and Start Building with the Cloud

Stop Patching and Start Building with the Cloud

How three institutions are elevating the role of system admins and helping students succeed with the cloud.


Rupa Saran, Chief Information Technology Officer, Coast Community College District:  
By coming to the cloud, we have a cadence now. Our infrastructure management, our OS patching, that's not something that we have to worry about it at all. So, our team members, they don't do that anymore. And our team members kind of go into being a true analyst rather than just running around and being reactive.

Mike Logan, Chief Information Officer, Western Iowa Tech Community College:  
SIS admins, instead of patching servers and spending their weekends trying to run updates, they're spending their time with the customer. Really the entire infrastructure support team is able to do more customer service-type work instead of hardware working.

Claire Charlow-Patton, Registrar, University of the Bahamas:  
They're busy, so not having to worry about the all the information being stored… You know, they have a lot of other work to do, and they are very supportive because they're assigned to different departments, especially IT. So, they have been very supportive through this whole process. Their role has changed, but in a positive way because now our processes are better.


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