Why higher ed CIOs should have a seat at the president’s table

Key Takeaways

  • Decisions that the CIO makes with the senior cabinet are critical
  • Including the CIO in decision making improves efficiencies

Lillian Schumacher, President, Tiffin University

Any time we're talking about the redesign of anything on campus, it is important that the chief information officer is at that table helping to make decisions from the get-go. And I think, oftentimes, we can forget that. And it's really important not to, because technology impacts every facet of the organization.

Decisions that the CIO makes with the senior cabinet—those decisions are critical.

And so, the CIO at Tiffin University reports directly to me. And that's very, very important. He, in our case, works across disciplines with all of our senior cabinet members. And by doing that, we're able to make decisions quickly and very, very efficiently and effectively. And that's critical today.

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