This is Ellucian Ethos

Key takeaways

  • Conventional approaches to campus data management have resulted in siloed, disjointed decision-making and complex maintenance efforts 
  • A holistic, integrated data platform unifies people, processes, and technology across an institution 
  • The Ellucian Ethos platform offers first-of-its-kind enterprise-wide data integration and powerful analytics, including integration and compatibility with applications from partners and institutions

The average higher education institution relies on upwards of 100 individual point solutions to deliver key services, covering everything from recruitment to financial aid, alumni relations to payment systems. Over time, this approach has resulted in siloed, disjointed decision-making and complex maintenance efforts.   

Combined with increasing student expectations for consumer grade experiences and growing financial pressures, IT departments are forced to find new ways to deliver exceptional experiences and increase value. To meet this challenge, institutions strive to provide an empowered environment that interconnects people, processes, and technology across the institution. Interconnected campuses unify the institution to power coordinated programs designed for student success. For example, they empower student success coaches to provide meaningful guidance with a 360-degree student profile view that includes intended major, grades, financial aid, and student association membership. By combining information across multiple systems, coaches can shift conversations from check-ups to true advisement.  

But in reality, creating this connected environment is no easy feat. Establishing a uniform data structure, defining business rules, and managing system integrations and maintenance can be complex and time consuming.  

Until now. Introducing Ellucian Ethos. As the leader in higher education solutions, Ellucian, with its partner community, leverage decades of experience and technology prowess to develop a consistent approach to delivering an integrated campus. Designed with speed and agility in mind, Ellucian Ethos meets the specific needs of higher education, resulting in informed decision-making and coordinated functions across campuses and programs.  

Ellucian conducted a deep examination across the industry and created the higher education data model that defines a common language across systems. Ethos includes standard APIs for exchanging data from one application to another. Pre-built integrations between Ellucian, institution, and partner applications speed up the development and deployment process. Plus, analytics, workflow, identity, and mobile capabilities enable coordinated, data-driven, and actionable decisions across the institution.  

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