Waukesha County Technical College

The case for moving to the cloud

Why Waukesha County Technical College made the move to the cloud

Waukesha County Technical College


  • Significant projected cost savings
  • Increased security and business continuity
  • Better prioritization for IT staff


For most institutions, keeping pace with complex, rapidly-evolving technology is a challenge. As the level of expertise required increases, so do labor costs. And taking advantage of innovation requires continuous hardware and software upgrades.

For Waukesha County Technical College, outsourcing its core technology infrastructure to the cloud ultimately became the most cost-efficient option.

“With the plethora of applications integrating together creating complex ecosystems—and when you look at the cost and resources it takes to upgrade and maintain them all—it no longer makes sense for us to do it ourselves,” says Chief Information Officer Rodney Nobles.

By hosting its Ellucian Banner® ERP in the Ellucian cloud, the college projects $1.5 million in savings over the next three years.

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Rodney Nobles
Chief Information Officer
Waukesha County Technical College

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