University of Idaho

Meeting advancement needs now and for the future


Implement a configurable CRM solution to meet current and future needs

  • Customized the solution to make it their own
  • Established agile communication channels to reach constituents
  • Gained efficiencies and scalability for the future

Why the University of Idaho chose Ellucian CRM Advance

Jason Mayer, Director of Advancement Information Services, University of Idaho

When the University of Idaho was looking for a new CRM solution, some of the features and functionalities that we were looking for was something that met our needs now but could be configurable for the future as well.

We liked the way CRM Advance has a layered approach, where it's Microsoft Dynamics with an Ellucian layer on top, with the University of Idaho's layer and flavor on top of that. It allows us to take a common product and make it our own. And it’s what our constituents and our users are expecting now, and has really moved us forward, and will continue to be configurable for the future.

We still do traditional mail pieces. But at the same time, we're also pushing the envelope and trying to figure out how we should communicate with millennials this week. Because it's literally an ever-changing process with different social media channels that they'd prefer to communicate with, whether it be a text, or Instagram, or Snapchat. We find that email's not as effective anymore. But still, there are pockets of our constituents that prefer to receive email. So, we really have to be agile, and be able to move channels quickly, and deliver the same message.

The configurability and scalability of Ellucian CRM Advance meets all our needs and prepares us for a very good future.

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