Coast Community College District

Operating as a Unified Community College System

Unified college systems have unique challenges and opportunities to implement integrated technology solutions.

Coast Colleges - Operating as a Unified Community College System


A few years ago, what you hear about for CCCIS—that is California Community Colleges Information Systems Cohort. There were three districts that we came together, of course: Coast and Foothill, De Anza and Kern. So, the thought process at that time was rather than individually, each of us struggling with whatever the issues might be, why don't we come together as a system and share our resources and partner with our partners and make it easier and simplify the solution for all of us?

And then it started and then slowly it kind of started to expand. Then Ellucian became an official partner with us. So, we have, you know, we meet up internally with our colleagues and so, if I'm implementing something I can share with my colleagues, “OK, these are the things I have done,” or “this worked really well, these are my best practices. But watch out here. There are some issues there.” And it would be the similar for them.

Sometimes we haven't gotten there, but that's the vision. How do we come together? And let's just say one partner, one district says, “We will solve this issue.” Coast takes care of this piece. “Foothill, why don't you take care of this,” and then we integrate that, and ultimately, really what we would like to see as a systemwide ERP.

So, that's where I think Ellucian comes in as a big higher ed partner because you have all these technologies, the toolsets are all integrated, and it makes it easier and simpler for institutions and for our students.

Rupa Saran
Chief Information Technology Officer
Coast Community College District
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