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Using data to transform prospect engagement

How Alverno College increased enrollment by 15% with Ellucian CRM Recruit.

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  • Data sets enable better trend reporting and more accurate forecasting
  • An integrated solution saves staff time and effort
  • Dashboards offer enhanced monitoring capabilities, customizable views, and user-friendly data visualization 


Becki Cardenas, senior director of enrollment management, Alverno College 

One of the biggest enrollment issues that we have is we’re very densely populated with a lot of great universities or institutions. So really trying to find how to best reach out to that student and get them to engage with you is really key in our future right now, trying to figure out how can we get to our enrollment goals with those problems.  


We began using Ellucian CRM Recruit in 2014 because we saw a lot of gaps in what we were able to do to recruit new students. A lot of effort was being wasted because we were using a variety of different products, but none of them integrated with each other, and so they were living in little silos.  

The stakeholders at Alverno really looked to the admissions office, and then ultimately to the Ellucian CRM Recruit product to give us some data sets that can help us with trend reporting.

So, we have created several dashboards that our VP of enrollment will use to monitor where we are at. Are we trending towards/getting towards our goal? Are we falling behind? Where there are opportunities where we could maybe push our goals even further because a new subset of students are applying that we hadn't anticipated originally?  

We’re able to do a lot better forecasting because of the data sets that we're pulling out of Recruit. We also can look at our trends from the past three to four recruitment years and really determine—are we on trend to hit our enrollment goals? Where are we seeing opportunities for further engagement?  

Since we started using Ellucian CRM Recruit, we did have an increase this past fall in enrollment, and we're hoping to kind of duplicate again this coming fall.  

I would say it has a lot to do with the fact that we're able to communicate more effectively with each of the student populations that we're trying to reach.  

Becki Cardenas
Senior Director of Enrollment Management
Alverno College 

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