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Improving the enrollment process through machine learning

How institutions can use artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance admissions processes.

How to build support for guided pathways

Engage departments and move your guided pathways program forward. 

Considering guided pathways? Conduct a tech audit first.

A tech audit paves the way for a successful guided pathways program.

What you need to know about killer courses, meta-majors, and more

Key features and terms to know about guided pathways. 

How to implement a modern one-stop student service center

And why a one-stop student service center is important.

Technology initiatives guide student success

How one Tennessee institution increased their freshman retention rate from 68 percent to 76 percent.

Student success center increases freshman retention rate 5.2 percent

Information, data, and early alerts lead to better retention rates at Delta State University.

3 promising strategies for improving student success

While challenges exist, these strategies show promise in increasing retention rates.

Technology has increased the transparency around student success

How technology helps students see where they are, where they’re going—and what to do to graduate on time. 

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