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Increasing graduate enrollment university-wide


Increase graduate school enrollment and improve efficiencies in the recruiting process

  • 218 percent increase in MBA program new student enrollment
  • Transparency throughout the admissions funnel
  • Efficiencies in recruitment and enrollment

Read how the University of North Alabama created a successful, scalable enrollment process.

In response to declining enrollments in its Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) program, the University of North Alabama (UNA) College of Business dedicated itself to improving the recruiting experience and increasing efficiency in admissions and enrollment.

The College of Business (COB) decided to implement both a new process methodology and a new solution, Ellucian CRM Recruit, to eliminate redundant efforts and give its staff more time to offer in-depth assistance to prospects.

The COB’s changes led to a doubling of its enrollment numbers—a result so significant that UNA’s three other graduate schools have partnered with the COB team to learn its methods and create their own success stories.

Since the implementation of the new process and system in 2016:

  • Graduate enrollments for the College of Arts and Sciences have grown by 26 percent, thanks to its new recruitment structure and improved online program promotion.
  • Graduate enrollment at the College of Education and Human Sciences has increased 11 percent.
  • The Anderson College of Nursing and Health Professions’ new family nurse practitioner track more than doubled the number of new student enrollment in the MSN program for Fall 2019.

“When you let the software accomplish work that it can do, and free up a recruiter for a substantive discussion, our relationship-building goes to a higher level than just a ‘fill out the form’ level,” concludes Gregory Carnes, dean of the College of Business at the university. “Without CRM Recruit, the project would have not succeeded.”

At every point when we’re talking to a student, we take notes about the conversation and keep them all in CRM Recruit. There is no paper involved at all, which helps the whole team greatly.

Ning Wang, Manager of Online MBA Programs, University of North Alabama

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