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Workforce Development
Do employers still value college degrees?

Recruiters and a career coach share their thoughts on the value and shelf-life of college degrees. Learn what skills are missing, why lifelong learning is so important, and how credentials can fill the gap across positions and industries.

Enrollment and Retention, Modernizing the Campus, Workforce Development
What do students think about degrees and credentials?

A college student majoring in IT explains why he chose to pursue a college degree, what he thinks about credentials, and why lifelong learning is important to his career goals.

Analytics and Data Integration, Cloud for Higher Ed, Data Security, Enrollment and Retention, IT Standards and Architecture, Modernizing the Campus, Operational Efficiency, Our Approach, Student Experience, Workforce Development
Achieving student and institutional success in higher education

The right technology partner can help unite your people, optimize processes, and bring your entire campus into the digital age.

Student Experience, Workforce Development
Credential clout: How higher ed can prepare for an evolving job market

Learn what students and employers think about the value of degrees versus credentials, soft skills, and lifelong learning.

Enrollment and Retention, Workforce Development
A modernized registration system for lifelong learners

Looking to streamline the registration process for continuing education and workforce development programs? Here’s how Northwestern Michigan College accomplished it.

Modernizing the Campus, Operational Efficiency, Workforce Development
The role of the modern campus CIO

Exploring the ways an IT leader has a big impact on institutions.

Workforce Development
A better tool for serving students in continuing education programs

Ellucian Elevate grows your continuing education and workforce development programs.

Financial Management and HR, Modernizing the Campus, Workforce Development
How higher ed empowers and builds its best employees

A report on the effectiveness of human capital strategies in higher education.

Financial Management and HR, Workforce Development
Cultivating the top professionals in higher education

Five essential strategies for talent management, backed by research and experience with top HR leaders.

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