Ellucian Colleague Self-Service Financial Aid

Help students navigate the financial aid process and counselors spend their time more efficiently and strategically.

Simplify the financial aid process for students and staff

Empower students

Help students take ownership of their financial aid by putting them in control.

Increase enrollment

Administer financial aid to students faster and easier, smoothing the path to enrollment.

Improve transparency

Show award status and projected disbursements, estimated cost of attendance, actions required, and current balances.


Colleague self service finanacial aid main new

Current status dashboard

Present important information—missing documents, urgent action items, and the status of aid applications—to students as soon as they sign in.

Colleague self service financial aid loan amt

Online loan management

Administer award letters online so students can make informed decisions regarding their net cost.

Colleague self service financial aid checklist new

Interactive checklist

Show students each step of the financial aid process so they know exactly what is needed to complete their application and receive their award.

Colleague self service financial aid SAP view

Satisfactory Academic Performance (SAP) notifications

Display progress against minimum requirements to help students understand how their current status affects their aid.

Colleague ssfa follow a step by step path

This tool really helps us prepare our students… We’re preparing them to take ownership of their financial aid situation.

Lindsay Mitchell, Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Data Systems | North Park University