Improving retention and interdepartmental engagement through digital transformation
Laurentian University

Improving retention and interdepartmental engagement through digital transformation

CHALLENGE: Unify the university and enhance all phases of the student experience

With a small team of only 34 IT professionals, Laurentian University is updating the strategic direction of the entire university through the launch of a dramatic digital transformation. By driving a complete overhaul of core technologies, Laurentian University is focused on enhancing internal workflows, recruitment, and student/faculty engagement, beginning with an emphasis on improving student planning. Being the largest university in Northern Ontario, Laurentian’s initiative to restructure its essential functions had to be completed while still maintaining daily operations.

Laurentian University CIO Luc Roy notes that Ellucian Colleague has provided the institution with an integrated system that leverages the total strength of each department and digital capability. Ellucian Colleague Student Planning played a large role in ensuring seamless student transitions and developing a successful student experience strategy. Equipped with these versatile solutions, the first major goal was to enhance the student experience. With significant changes to registration, advising, and other academic functions, Laurentian University experienced a substantial improvement in student retention over the course of two academic years.


Ellucian Colleague
Ellucian Colleague Student Planning


  • Increased retention (10-year high) due to an improvement in the student experience and quality-of-life changes
  • Increased data visualization depicting the student journey from application to graduation
  • Enhanced integration of core applications and technologies
  • Implementation of sustainable solutions that are easily maintained and upgraded
  • Streamlined user experience for students and academic advisors
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