Ellucian Purchase by ESM Solutions

Gain control and increase visibility into your institution’s spend.

Approved Suppliers, Contracts, and Prices

Direct access to purchase against the contracts you work so diligently to put in place.

Guide Spending To Where You Want It

Highlight preferred suppliers so they are automatically prioritized for shoppers.

Complete Visibility

Use reporting and dashboards to improve negotiating power, consolidate suppliers, and identify new opportunities to drive savings.

Turn Procurement Into A Revenue Source

Drive more spend through the system and increase spend with contracted suppliers.

Managing Contracts

Manage all types of contracts included within the contract repository.

Internal Storeroom Catalogs

Shop from your internal Storeroom catalogs and track quantities within your central storerooms.

What does this mean for Ellucian's customers?

It means they can now easily access industry-leading procure-to-pay solutions through their Ellucian account manager.

With the new collaboration, organizations who rely on Ellucian Banner or Colleague can now easily add ESM-created solutions to their ERP systems through their Ellucian representatives.


Consumer shopping experience

Consumer Shopping Experience

We’re bringing a real consumer shopping experience to spend management. If your customers — the employees, staffers or faculty of your organization have shopped on any one of the hundreds of e-commerce sites on the internet, they will feel right at home in Ellucian Purchase.

More on-contract buying

More on-contract buying

Guided buying drives spend where you want it with your strategic suppliers. Employees buy more from approved suppliers because it is easy — just like the consumer shopping experience they’ve come to expect online. Drive more spend through the system and increase spend with contracted suppliers.

Automated workflows

Automated Workflows

Ellucian Purchase automates business processes for flexible, seamless approval routing and fewer errors. It supports numerous approval-routing and payment options, as well as reporting and analytics capabilities.

Easy to manage

Easy to Manage

Supports thousands of users with just one administrator.

Purchase and receipt management

Purchase and Receipt Management

Whether by PO or by P-card, Ellucian Purchase manages all of your purchases and receiving, including support for direct, centralized, dollar-based, partial, negative, and even over-receipts.

Easy to integrate

Easy to Integrate

Ellucain Purchase will work efficiently with Ellucian Banner® or Ellucian Colleague®. With Ellucian Ethos integration, users enjoy an even more streamlined approach as data flows seamlessly, and in real-time, between systems and applications, and an extended ecosystem of partners.

Utilize the built-in contract repository

Utilize the built-in contract repository

Never miss a contract expiration again with automated notifications. User departmental view into the contract repository.

Create warehouse orders with internal storeroom catalogs

Create warehouse orders with internal storeroom catalogs

Provide an all-encompassing shopping experience for internal storeroom orders.