Ellucian Purchase

Procurement through a connected marketplace

Understand and manage spend, build a more diverse and sustainable supply chain, and work more collaboratively across your procurement ecosystem

Ellucian Purchase
A better shopping experience
A better procurement experience
Let buyers search for items across catalogs and categories to purchase from preferred suppliers and against the contracts you’ve put into place.
A collaborative community
Collaborative community
With a unified purchasing ecosystem, gain better visibility and control over purchasing decisions, order approvals, and transaction processing.
Intelligent spend management
Vendor curation
Prioritize suppliers to support local and diverse businesses, champion sustainability, and/or encourage cost savings—the choice is yours.
Improved compliance
Improved compliance
Establish the validations, role-based workflows, and automated routings you need to easily meet institutional policies.


Gain real-time visibility into the purchasing ecosystem to ensure spend is dedicated to the right budgets and contracts.

Streamline purchasing with automated approval processes and role-based workflows with the right amount of detail.

Simplify purchasing with catalogs that target specific departmental needs and enable buyers to manage purchased inventory.

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