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Today procurement professionals need to answer hard questions: How will you deliver a more convenient shopping experience to every stakeholder? How can you influence buyer behavior for better spend management? And how can you collaborate effectively with everyone across the institution for a better purchasing experience?

A Single, Connected Marketplace

With Ellucian Purchase, you can understand and manage spend, build a more diverse and sustainable supply chain, and work more collaboratively across your procurement ecosystem to help your institution thrive.

A better shopping experience

Connect buyers to the resources they need with simple shopping tools.

A collaborative community

Provide a unified purchasing ecosystem for better visibility and control.

Intelligent spend management

Influence buyer behavior to support better spend performance.

Improved compliance

Establish the validations you need to ensure institutional policies.

The tools you need to help your institution thrive

Gain a holistic view of institutional spend

Understand non-payroll spend across your institution without resorting to lengthy reports or complicated spreadsheets. Easily synchronize purchasing data with your finance system for more control and better insight.

Deliver a more convenient shopping experience

A single marketplace lets buyers search for items across catalogs and categories to purchase from preferred suppliers and against the contracts you’ve put into place. Automated workflows guide shoppers from purchase to approval and receipt.

Influence buyer behavior more intelligently

Prioritize suppliers to simplify the buying experience and improve compliance, helping you allocate spend more efficiently. Promote diversity suppliers, champion sustainability, support local businesses, or encourage cost savings—the choice is yours.

Support every stakeholder in your procurement community

With a unified purchasing ecosystem, purchasing staff can see what suppliers are being used, what orders are being approved, and what transactions are being processed for better real-time control. Role-based workflows and automated approval routing help buyers, approvers, and receivers work more intelligently to manage compliance.


Building an institutional strategic plan

The Ellucian solution has made our processes so much more efficient. Things are happening faster, and more accurately—and that allows us to do a lot more.

Roxanne Venegas, Purchasing Manager | Joliet Junior College

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