Helping students connect to the digital campus 

Helping students connect to digital campus

Key takeaways 

  • Students check their campus mobile app multiple times a day
  • Integrated apps make sure students get everything they need to be on top of their classes
  • When deciding to enroll or stay at a college, students value a school's tech savviness

Alfred Powner, Cybersecurity and Computer Security Systems Major, Mercer County Community College 

It's important for me to go to a school that stays up to date with like latest technology. My name is Alfred Powner. I am dual majoring in cyber security and security systems technology. I have to stay on top of everything, version changes and things like that. I mean, differences in security, and I just like to take advantage of the latest tools.  
On a regular basis, I carry at least three devices—phone, tablet, and laptop. A lot of times, I use more than one at the same time. Like for my net classes, sometimes we're doing labs and I'll have the instructions up on the tablet while I'm doing it on the computer. Because the way the app works, you can't view them simultaneously. So, it's kind of a pain going back and forth.  
The tablet I use to write my notes. I use my phone for staying in touch with Mercer online. We have all of this 365, so there's groups and all that. SharePoint use all that on there. Check my email, my schedule pops up any time something's come up.  
I use the MyMercer app probably one-to-two times a day at least where I can pretty much look at my class schedules and announcements and things like that. Check grades. The online library access where you can access resources directly online by your major, even look up like planning for the next semester, like what classes I'm looking into, when they're going to be held, what days, times.  

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