Hitting the sweet spot for cloud deployment in higher education

Insights - Hitting the sweet spot cloud

Key takeaways 

  • Cloud offers significant agility and resourcing benefits to institutions 
  • The pathway to the cloud is one made on your terms 
  • A strong governance model ensures an institution’s migration success

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, higher education institutions need new ways to respond to the demands of students, faculty, and staff to deliver flexible, cost-effective services tailored to individual needs. Budget constraints and rising expectations for modern services make it even more imperative to exploit the speed and agility of new models.

A staged approach that maintains forward momentum while reaping the benefits of cloud services is key. But where to begin? Do nothing? Rip and replace?

Download this white paper for insights into: 

  • Choosing a path to the cloud (i.e. the right migration strategy) that’s suitable for your institution in order to meet the right benefits at the right time 
  • Navigating the pressures and complexities of cloud migration strategies and choosing the right cloud deployment model

A vendor with domain expertise can help you build a migration strategy, remove unnecessary customizations, and minimize complexity. Then, consider integration a core aspect of your technology planning. 

Cloud is not fundamentally about technology—it’s about enabling innovation, improving collaboration and capability, and becoming a more adaptable and agile institution. Cloud options help higher education institutions thrive. The challenge is for institutions to identify a staged approach that maintains forward momentum in exploiting the benefits of cloud services. 

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