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Unify and streamline payment processes

Monmouth University simplifies payment and reconciliation processes through partnership with Ellucian and TouchNet

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  • Improved user experience with real-time dashboard updates and SSO technology
  • Eliminated the need for multiple vendors
  • Ensured compliance when distributing refunds


Before 2016, Monmouth University—a private institution in West Long Branch, New Jersey—worked with multiple vendors to manage bill presentation, payment plans, e-commerce, and student refund processes. The result was a time-consuming and disjointed payment system for staff and students alike. Then, the university received word from their existing vendor that it could no longer process their student refunds due to new federal cash management regulation changes.

Campus administrators decided to take advantage of this opportunity to identify a partner that could serve their entire business office, while more efficiently meeting student needs. A fully integrated payment platform would ideally serve the entire institution, so when Monmouth invited three different vendors to present potential solutions, they had representatives from all departments to weigh in.

“After the demos, we sent out questionnaires to our campus representatives, and TouchNet was the overwhelming favorite,” says Tease Gould, enterprise application specialist at Monmouth University. “We didn’t realize it at the time, but TouchNet’s partnership with Ellucian ended up being an even bigger win for us.” Monmouth has used Ellucian Colleague™ as their ERP system since 1990. By integrating the Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNet® alongside other solutions, they not only solved an urgent need for a new vendor, but ultimately transformed their billing and payment to work seamlessly with their other systems.

“Ellucian aligned with TouchNet because their company stands out as a leader in the e-commerce space with the most comprehensive solution to unify payments on campus,” says Loretta Clayton, product manager at Ellucian. “Eliminating the need for multiple providers while ensuring industry regulatory and PCI compliance, TouchNet has solutions to meet all of your campus payment needs.”

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Tease Gould
Enterprise Application Specialist
Monmouth University

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