Ellucian Grants Services

Ellucian Grants Services provide the capabilities you need to secure and to manage alternative funding in support of your institution’s strategic initiatives. We have secured over $30 million in grant funding for higher education institutions like yours.

“Every academic community is different and you have to figure out how to work with each one. Our Grants Services consultants seemed to get in sync with us right away. I think they see and understand us clearly. When they make a recommendation, people really listen because they have a lot of credibility.”
Neil Salonen, President, University of Bridgeport

Our proven team of experts can help you understand the full breadth of grant opportunities available to your institution and identify those that most closely align with your mission and strategic objectives. We work closely with you to communicate your institution’s unique strengths and capabilities. Given increased grant oversight by both federal and private funding agencies, you can rely on Ellucian to help your institution execute the award and comply with all regulations and mandates.

Ellucian Grants Services can help your institution:

  • Compete more effectively for alternative funding
  • Execute awards with more confidence
  • Increase opportunities for additional funding 
  • Communicate strategic priorities to campus stakeholders