Colorado Community College System

Delivering a seamless employee experience

Colorado Community College System provides instant access to benefits with Ellucian Banner® Employee Self-Service

Colorado Community College System


  • Improved employee experience
  • More efficient use of resources
  • Frees staff up to focus on more strategic projects


We use Banner's employee self-service across the system office in all 13 of the colleges. Time and leave is a very basic process we do. We're actually just implementing employee benefit sign-up online. That's a part of self-service we hadn't ever implemented, but that will go live by our next enrollment period.


Our employees benefit from self-service because they can check their paycheck stub at midnight, if they want. They can look to see what their taxes have been. We're like that now. We always want it when we want it. Right now. We don't want to wait. We don't want to have to call someone. We don't want to have to walk into an office and ask a question. We just want to go online and look.

For an institution considering Banner employee self-service, I would say, why not? It's so easy to look up a pay stub online, to get your W-2 online, to sign up for your benefits, all things employees want to do at their own time and not have to go into an office or check with someone else about.

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Julie Ouska
CIO and Vice Chancellor of Information Technology Services
Colorado Community College System
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