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Meeting expectations with a technology partner who believes in education

Why Rivier University chose Ellucian Managed Services

Rivier University


Find a technology partner with higher ed expertise


  • Deep bench of IT personnel and experts
  • Immediate support available as needed
  • Partner who believes in education


Moving into management services and managed services as it relates to technology was a big step for Rivier. And what we looked for very directly was expertise, we looked for a cultural fit, and we looked for a partner who believed in education as we believe, that education is a service.

And so, as we looked at the higher ed landscape, Ellucian really allowed us to check off those major points.

The challenges prior to Ellucian I think are challenges that many smaller institutions face. The first is that of personnel, that in this economy, it's very difficult to secure really talented IT professionals to an institution that doesn't have a very high career ladder.

The second, I would say, would be vendors and working with our suppliers to get the best deal on equipment and services.

And then the third is really having the knowledge base that we can call upon for projects that are not ongoing within the university, but that we need immediate and short-term support.

Ellucian has a deep bench of personnel and expertise that we can call on on an as-needed basis.

Sister Paula Marie Buley
Rivier University
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