Barton Community College

Moving to cloud in the midst of a crisis

Barton Community College successfully migrated to the cloud in just ten months, flipping the switch in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Barton Community College


Proceed with modernization plans while moving to remote operations.


  • Moved ERP to the cloud in 10 months
  • Estimated $250,000/year of savings in hard costs
  • Realized a 4.33% year-over-year increase in summer registrations the first weekend after the migration


To improve employee work tasks and free up time to focus on its students, Barton Community College launched an aggressive implementation plan to move its ERP to the cloud in under a year. When the coronavirus pandemic hit institutional leaders suggested postponing the go live date, but Barton’s CIO was determined to proceed. Thanks to a solid project plan, weekly meetings with its strategic partner and core stakeholders, and a detailed issue and resolution tracking process, the college experienced a smooth migration on March 23, 2020.

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